Uquia is a charming town on the Humahuaca Valley, where time stopped. With its narrow streets, and small red adobe houses, will invite you to take a colonial stroll around town.

Su Iglesia San Francisco de Paula, data del año 1691, atesora cual vasija de barro, una serie de nueve óleos de Ángeles Arcabuceros, de la escuela Cuzqueña que fueron realizados por indígenas en el siglo XVII, en ellos se muestran un ejército de ángeles vestidos como los militares españoles de la época. The local Church of Saint Francis of Paola, built on 1691, keeps on display nine oil paintings of arquebusier angels, painted by Natives centuries ago. a style born on Cuzco on Colonial times, where angels were depicted with Spanish military and aristocrat clothing, while carrying an Arquebus, a muzzle loaded gun of the time. Device Surrounding the town, the "las señoritas" mountain range will play host to an unforgettable trekking experience. The Calvary road, with panoramic views of the Humahuaca Valley, the red canyon and the high walls and going further in following the rivers bed you'll discover the imposing pink rock formations now part of local folk. Across the Grand River on foot or on a 4x4 you can visit a Vicuña Breeder and a still in use Jesuit Mill.

With so many interesting places to visit on its proximity, and with the nearby National Route 9, Uquia is the ideal tourist spot to rent. Both for families and youths looking to be captivated by the beauty of the Argentinean north.

Carnival in Uquía

Device The Northern Carnival results from the fusion of Spanish and native customs, the masked European carnival, with the local mysticism and heritage.

With Unique characteristics, the carnival from the Quebrada is interpreted by local poet Don Fortunato Ramos: "the Carnival is a Cultural Happening, not a spectacle, but a festivity. Its the comparsa (dance troupe), the ones taking to the streets with their anatas (1) and Erquenchos (2), Singing Coplas(3), dancing taquiararis(4), cuecas(5), Carnavalitos(6), bailecitos while together in family. The devil represents the careless joy, mischief, as is his nature; hence his disguise. Hes forced stay unrecognizable because a devil that can be recognized loses his condition as a devil."

" Participating on the Exhumation of the carnival on Uquia will make witness to hundreds of devils run down from the nearby hills, Dancing, jumping and Singing. A festivity filled with images of imposing beauty. The love poured on their hand crafted costumes will serve as proof of the effort and dedication poured by every member of the comparsa to make it a unique event."

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